Design Goals
Roof framing
The second goal was to create a 2 story residence that used vernacular materials as much as possible.
The interior insaka is not detached and is part of the flow of the house.
Wall heights
The entry area is the transition space when one enters.
Design goals



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This page explains some of the reasoning behind the design. From initial concept ideas, construction thoughts to what the design is intended to achieve.

The designs have not been engineered they are.. what this author believes to be possible within limits.





Many components of the house are based on the curve of thr golden rectangle, including the sweeping entry, exterior terraces, trees and the library.















The rafters are held together with 4 interior poles. These poles are not supporting the rafter loads. It is acting more like a keystone in an arch, just keeping the rafters in place.




Master Bedroom




Main Room


The second story is supported by floor joists which are either supported on the wall or framed into it.
The goal of this design was to take a very organic and fluid shape and to place some kind of organized logic to it.
To support the truss, towers on each side were added. This supprt would be walls and the interior spaces would be utilized as offices.
The conceptual sketch on the left indicates the public vs. office spaces. The conceptual was then worked out with roof framing and wall hieghts to get the actual model on the right.
Dining Room
The dining room floor is raised a bit to give it formality and purpose. Two sets of french doors open the room to the exterior terrace..
Interior Balcony
The stairs follow the curve of the walls and are made with large branches to be as organic as possible.
Bay windows were added not only yo allow some natural light into the design, but also as an element to break up the roof line.
The interior balcony opens the space up and provides a great space that looks down into the 1st floor.
The pitch of the roof is the same all the way around. However, the walls do not fall the same distance from the center. So walls closer to the center will be taller than those further away.
The rafters transmit the loads to the walls. Interior walls are also utilized to take some loads.
The floor joists are also supported by the four interior poles.
Second floor framing