Design Goals
The series of steps in the front is designed to be an area that one could have outside learning on.
Areas to sit down are very important. The entire base, all around is designed for this function.
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Sitting spaces
The front stoop is designed to be a welcoming feature as well as a place to gather.
office #4
office #1
comp. lab
Transisition in plan: from completely indoors to partially protected to completely outdoors.
Walls are the same height all the way around.









This was my layout for the office.
The weight of the thatch is transferred to the battens, then to the rafters, then to the beam and finally the pole transfers the loads into the ground.

This page explains some of the reasoning behind the design. From initial concept ideas, construction thoughts to what the design is intended to achieve.

The designs have not been engineered they are.. what this author believes to be possible within limits.







The trellace and nature growing on it provides protection from the rain and sun.


















office #2


The trellace on the front stoop not only offers protection and transistion, it also creates an area to hang out, especially when the rains come.
Design goals



office #3



The base is raised 1 meter to allow for seating all around.
















The framing system is very basic. The roof pitch and height of the walls are the same around the entire structure.