The use of vernacular materials is a key aspect of this project. Why import expensive materials, when local ones are available?
The focus of this project is to show off Zambian vernacular materials and styles. With the majority of the structure using vernacular materials, the introduction of a small amount of modern materials can enhance the overall quality of the structure. The modern materials of concrete and steel would be used for support, enhancing load capability and size.
Modern materials are not necessary to construct a structure which is both habitable and comfortable.
This concept of sustainabilty is not only important but it is practical as well.
All the materials are practically right on site. Thatch is harvested in certain areas so some areas will have to have it transported. Also, how the bricks will be fired needs some consideration. The bricks from the factory uses energy and also has to be transported. Bricks from an on-site kiln uses wood that is a material in precious demand. If an alternative fuel is found for the kiln, this method would be preferred.