Unique details
Increased load capability
The larger the structure, the larger the span needs to be. Increased loads are also a factor. The increased loads can be supported by modern materials.
The use of concrete, and steel can support heavy loads. The mix for bricks can also be improved for maximum efficiency.
The detailing of these structures can be quite spectacular. Especially with connections, unique details could emerge.
Mix of Materials
Traditional materials such as burnt brick and thatch are durable materials if used properly. Sustainable materials are used as the primary materials and modern materials are used solely as support and to enhance strength. The following design issues developed.
Increased size
The main focus is to construct houses that are beautiful and structurally correct. Modern materials can be used to increase spans and support. The focus will be on vernacular materials and modern ones will be used spariling.
Due to increased loads and spans, the sizes of rooms can also increase. instead of having small spaces, some rooms can be quite comfortable.
Organic shapes
Zambian architecture has strong ties to the land. Round structures and curvey lines have always existed because they make sense. Instead of a concrete block, which the trend is heading, the goal should be back to nature.