Design Goals
Open to nature
The church has numerous openings to allow to this connection to nature.
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A large majority of this design is based on transition. One space leading into another, till it ends at the intended goal. Transition is achieved in height, width and in light.
The site is a gradual slope which helped out in the design philosophy. One enters the church at the highest point, and the lowest part of the roof. The roof gradually becomes taller and the floor steps down. The final height is the peak of the spiral.
The entry point is the narrowest of the structure. After one enters, the walls flair out allowing for seating. The width controls the spiral and at the altar the width conforms to the spiral, giving focus to the altar area.
At the entry, the space is tight and dark. On the east wall, openings are punched through to allow for light. These openings become greater and greater. In additions openings on the west side also occur. The overall effect is transition from dark into the light.
Transition from narrow to wide
Transition from low to high
transition from dark to light
The main concept was to find God in nature. By using organic materials that are tied into nature. Also the structure was meant to be open to nature
The golden rectangle was used as a design organizational tool. Also called Fibbioncia's Numbers this is a formula that is found in numerous pattern of things growing in nature





I believe this was a powerful design concept that really works. I applied the calculations to the design





This was my original sketch for the church. The site has a many tall trees and the ground had a slope of about 17 degrees. The original concept was to cut and fill for the foundation.
Shutters were also implemented to allow a lot of natural light and to allow for beezes.

This page explains some of the reasoning behind the design. From initial concept ideas, construction thoughts to what the design is intended to achieve.

The designs have not been engineered they are.. what this author believes to be possible within limits.







Instead of designing "in a box", curved walls are used. This gives the structure a more organic feel. The majority of the curved walls follows the path of the golden rectangle.


















The altar is raised up from the main floor.


One will follow the golden rectangle up and around towards the heavens.
Golden Rectangle



The entry way is small and low and at the top of the stairs.



After desceding the stairs, which increases the height, the curving wall and the rising roof brings you into the structure.
The eyes will follow the wall line around and upwards

















Inspiration was taken from Ronchamp designed by Corbu. The light shining through the random openings.